Girls and Aviation – Its a perfect combination

Have you ever thought about flying your own airplane? How about a career as an aeronautical engineer, air traffic controller or accident investigator? You can experience the world of aviation first hand when you sign up for Discover Aviation Camp.

In today’s aviation industry, every opportunity for achievement and self-determination is open to women.  From the smallest general aviation aircraft to the largest jumbo jet, every aircraft built and operated needs support from engineers, technicians, air traffic controllers, airport managers and pilots.  The world of aviation is both demanding and exciting.  It is a world in which young women thrive and grow.

Girls Can Fly is created and organized by The Phoenix Ninety-Nines, the Phoenix Chapter of The International Organization of Women Pilots.  Ninety-Nines is a non-profit 501C3 volunteer organization dedicated to the history and future of women pilots. Girls Can Fly holds two events per year.  Girls Can Fly Day, a one day introduction to aviation for girls ages 11-18 in the Phoenix area, and Discover Aviation Camp a six day resident camp held in Prescott Arizona.

Discover Aviation Camp will introduce girls ages 13-18 to the world of aviation as  both avocation and career.  Girls meet industry professionals, explore how airplanes are built from the ground up, and take their very first flying lesson.

Discover the difference flying can make. Discover Aviation.

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